Warrington Bootcamps

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Warrington Bootcamps

Bootcamps are an excellent way of getting fit! Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a total novice you will be able to successfully complete a Bootcamp.
Every Bootcamp is designed so the level of difficulty can be differentiated, in essence you are pushing yourself to YOUR limits and not to those of the person next to you.

Each Bootcamp is different throughout the week and also week-by-week. Whether you’ve done a Boxing Bootcamp, a Kettlebell Bootcamp or an Outdoor Bootcamp, you can guarantee the next one will be different. No two Bootcamps are ever the same.

At any Bootcamp you will never be shouted or bawled at, it’s just not my style and conflicts with my belief that positivity is key to any success. However, you will be encouraged in a positive manner and find yourself surrounded by friendly and sociable fellow Bootcamp goers.

Bootcamp times

Monday – 7pm
Tuesday – 7pm
Saturday – 11am
Sunday – 11am

All Bootcamps are unique; no two Bootcamps are the same.


Unit 25, Aston Court, Kingsland Grange, Warrington, WA1 4SG