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Warrington Gym

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“Everybody is looking at me!”

We’ve all felt like this at some point in time at a gym. Whether it’s because you’re new to the ‘Gym Experience’ or because you’re not quite sure if you are doing a certain exercise correctly or maybe as a result of your Personal Trainer asking you to burpees in the middle of the gym floor at peak time on a Monday evening.
Regardless of the reason behind this feeling, the feeling itself generally tends to hinder rather than help during a gym session.

To eliminate this negative factor I train EXCLUSIVELY out of a PRIVATE WARRINGTON GYM, where you aren’t surrounded by onlookers or unwanted spectators whilst you are training, you will not be waiting for other gym goers to finish using the piece of kit you need and you will have your Personal Trainers undivided attention.

This enables my clients to feel positive, secure, relaxed and 100% focused on the workout at hand.

It will simply be: You, Me and a Personal Training Session catered to your needs.


Unit 25, Aston Court, Kingsland Grange, Warrington, WA1 4SG